Kindly note that we at IMRA are not able to organise visas for the participants. The participants are recommended to contact nearest relevant Consulate / Embassy / High Commissioner in their home country to check whether they need a visa or not.

In case you need a visa, it is advisable that you make your visa application as soon as possible. In order to help the participants to apply for their visa, IMRA will issue a PDF (electronic copy) of visa letter confirming your name, conference details, your extended abstract acceptance, your fee payment, registration, etc.  Apart from the Visa Letter given to you by IMRA, you may also need other important documents including:
(a) Your passport
(b) Your photographs
(c) Your personal financial statements – banking, tax, etc.
(d) Receipt of Registration Fee payment to IMRA
(e) Letter of support / sponsorship from your current employer / sponsor
(f) Your Travel plan – tickets, insurance, hotel booking confirmation, etc.
(h) Your C.V.

Important Note: We suggest to you that you consult your local expert Visa Consultant first for all the documentation needed. This will help you to avoid any disappointment at the last minute.

In case your visa application is refused by the embassy and consequently you are unable to attend the IMRA International Conference, the following options apply for your refund:

(1) Participating in Absentia for Author(s):  If your submitted Extended Abstract is accepted, you may continue with your submission and your participation shall be considered in Absentia. You need to email to IMRA Admin about this and a Certificate of Participation in Absentia, Conference proceeding CD and relevant literature will be posted to you after the conference is over. Your registration fee for participating in absentia shall be accounted for £150 and the balance amount will be refunded to you.

(2) Refund for Authors:  If your Extended Abstract is accepted but you cannot attend the conference due to visa rejection, a full refund after deducting administrative expenses of £50 will be made to you within 15 working days of the end of the conference.

(3) Refund for Non-Authors: If you have not submitted an Extended Abstract and originally intended to attend the IMRA conference as a participant and your visa is now rejected, a full refund after deducting administrative expenses of £50 will be made to you within 15 working days of the end of the conference.


(a) In order to apply for a refund, the participants must email an electronic copy of the visa rejection letter to IMRA within 15 working days of the visa rejection. Administrative expenses of £50 above do not include international transaction fees of your bank which varies from bank to bank and is on the recipient.

(b) The refund will be made to the individuals either by credit/debit card or bank transfer as per the IMRA’s policy. No cash or cheque refunds will be made under any circumstances.

(c) No refund shall be made to any of the participants due to any other circumstances other than visa rejection.

Create Visa Letter online (if applicable):

The participants who have paid their registration fee may request for their own Visa Letter (if applicable). The visa letter to be issued by IMRA shall be based on the information you provide. A small spelling error or a factual error may lead to your visa rejection. Start filling this Visa Information Form only after you have paid your registration fee for the conference.

How to obtain Visa Letter?

Step-1: Download the “Create Visa Letter Form” from here.

Step-2: Fill this form completely and accurately.

Step-3: Send this filled up form to IMRA by email. We shall get back to you with reply email and PDF format electronic Visa Letter within next 4-5 working days.