Guidelines & Forms


  1. Guidelines for Audience / Participants
  2. Guidelines for Online Submission of Extended Abstract (applicable to all Competitive Papers, Presentation Papers, Posters & Book Presentations)
  3. Guidelines for Presenters / Authors (applicable for all Competitive Papers, Presentation Papers, Masters & Doctoral Students Papers, Case Studies & White Papers)
  4. Guidelines for Presenters / Authors – Poster Presentations
  5. Guidelines for Presenters / Authors – Video Virtual Presentations
  6. Guidelines for Presenters / Authors – Book Presentations
  7. Guidelines for Reviewers
  8. Guidelines for Track Chair
  9. Guidelines for Session Chair
  10. Guidelines for Research Roundtables / Workshops / Special Session
  11. Guidelines for Special Interest Groups (SIG)
  12. IMRA Reference Style Guide


  1. Create IMRA Online Account (free)
  2. Add New Question in FAQs (read the FAQs first)
  3. Application for Chairing / leading Research Round Table / Workshop / Special Session
  4. Application for Chairing / leading Special Interest Group (SIG)
  5. Application for Session Chair
  6. Application to be a Reviewer
  7. Application for Volunteer


1. Generic: IMRA PowerPoint Presentation Template
2. Template for presentation at 2015 IMRA-IIMB International Conference

Note: IMRA members and participants of IMRA activities are free to use this PowerPoint Presentation Template for the purpose of the presentation only. The user of this template are free to modify the template in terms of colours of slides, size, colours and types of fonts used as per their personal preference. However, tempering with logo is strictly not permissible. This is not to be used for any other purpose. The design, logo and template is a copyright of IMRA.