2015 IMRA-IIMB International Conference, Bangalore, India

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB)

16 December, 2015 – 18 December, 2015

Download: Conference Brochure & Call for Submissions

You are invited to participate and/or present your work in the ‘2015 IMRA-IIMB  International Conference’ organized by the International Management Research Academy (IMRA), London, United Kingdom, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), India, during Wednesday 16th to Friday 18th December, 2015. This conference shall be held at the campus of IIMB, Bangalore, India.

The main theme of this conference is ‘Inclusive Growth & Profits with Purpose: New Management Paradigm’. The policy makers of several nations have been expressing the concern that the benefit of economic growth is not being equally distributed among all sections of the society. Inclusive growth is the need of the hour for the pace and the pattern of economic growth. It is more than just productive employment and increasing incomes of excluded groups.  Inclusive growth allows people to “contribute to and benefit from economic growth”. Inclusive growth includes growth of economy that reduces poverty and creates employment opportunities, access to essential services in health and education especially for the poor, equality of opportunity, empowerment through education and skill development, environmental sustainability, recognition of women’s agency and good governance.

Towards the goal of achieving inclusive growth, the corporate sector need to revisit and recognize that sustainable strategies not only fulfil a higher purpose but increased wealth can be generated by doing good things. In the words of Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons, “purpose is a spiritual and moral call to action; it is what a person or company stands for”.  It is more of investing in socially inclusive businesses, innovative business models to reach the bottom of the pyramid and investing in environmentally beneficial technologies. Thus the conference theme is two sides of the same coin inclusive growth and profits with purpose.

2015 IMRA IIMB International Conference invites conceptual papers, empirical works, documentation of case studies, documentaries and short video films or any other material focusing on the following sub-topics.  The list given is illustrative but not exhaustive; conference invites all papers related to the theme.

Download: Conference Brochure & Call for Submissions

Sub-Themes & Tracks: Contributions are invited in the areas including but not limited to:
  • Access to Educational Services & Health Services
  • Commercialization of Socially Inclusive businesses
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Environmentally beneficial technologies
  • Finance and accounting
  • Financial Inclusion: Access to Credit and other Financial Services
  • Gender Equity and Women Empowerment
  • General management
  • Human Strategic management
  • Improving Quality of Governance
  • Infrastructure
  • Innovative Business Models to reach the “Bottom of the Pyramid”
  • International management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Management in Emerging & Frontier Markets
  • Marketing Management and consumer behavior
  • Marketing resource management
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Operations management
  • Organization behavior
  • Pro-Social Management Models
  • Public and not-for-profit management
  • Rapid Growth and Poverty Reduction
  • Skill Development
  • Support Systems for Pro-Social Goals
  • Sustainability and external communication
  • Sustainability and risk management
  • Sustainable growth
  • Technology & Innovations
Special Interest Groups: The following Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are encouraged and invited during this conference:
  1. Innovative Business Models to reach the “Bottom of the Pyramid”
  2. Improving Quality of Governance
  3. Improving access to services through Technology
  4. Research Methods & Publishing in reputed Journals
  5. Performance Measurements & Management Control Systems
  6. Management Education, Development & Leadership
  7. Post-2015 Development Agenda

Conference Segments:The following segments shall be included in the conference programme:
1. Academic & Research Papers Presentations
2. Practitioners’ Perspectives
3. Entrepreneurs’ & Innovators’ Showcase
4. Consortium for Masters & Doctoral Students
5. Government & Policy Makers’ Panel Discussion
6. Meet the Journal Editors
Organizations and individuals interested to chair and organize any of the above or any new conference segments are encouraged to apply.

Types of Submissions & Output: The following are the types of submissions and output invited for this conference:
1. Competitive Papers (CP)
2. Presentation Papers (PP)
3. Masters & Doctoral Students’ Papers (MD)
4. Poster Presentations (PR)
5. Book Presentations (BP)
6. Case Studies & White Papers (CW)
7. Product / Service Showcase (PS)

Attendance mode: Interested individuals can attend this conference in any of the following modes:
1. Attending as Presenter in person
2. Attending as Presenter by Virtual Video Presentation 
3. Attending as Presenter in absentia
4. Attending as Participant in person
5. Attending as Virtual Participant
6. Attending as Guest / Spouse of another presenter / participant
Note: Individuals may also register and attend the conference as a participant without submitting or presenting any work.

Who can attend this conference?
The maximum benefit of attending this international conference shall be to researchers, academics, management consultants, corporate professionals, corporate trainers, government officials, representatives of think tanks, social service organizations, entrepreneurs, doctoral and master’s students.

Conference Venue: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnataka: 560076, India

Benefits to Conference Participants

  • *Learn and acquire cutting edge international knowledge in various disciplines of management from internationally reputed experts.
  • *Recognition of your work on international platform as a participant or paper/poster/book presenter.
  • *ISBN based Conference Proceedings.
  • *In the heart of the Silicon Valley of India: Bangalore, Karnataka in India
  • *Potentially identify your future collaborative partner among international, vibrant and scholarly IMRA Members community.
  • *International platform to meet corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, government & policy makers from various countries.
  • *Best Papers, Poster & Book Awards.
  • *Selected full papers to be published in refereed journals (previous publishers include Springer, Emerald, etc.)
  • *Pre-Conference activities including Research Workshops
  • *Excursion / Industrial Visits (to be paid separately).

Download: Conference Brochure & Call for Submissions

Conference Information