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2015 IMRA-IIMB International Conference, Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

Inclusive Growth & Profits with Purpose: New Management Paradigm

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The policy makers of several nations have been expressing the concern that the benefit of economic growth not being equally distributed among all sections of the society. Inclusive growth is the pace and the pattern of economic growth. It is more of productive employment and increasing incomes of excluded groups.  Inclusive growth allows people to “contribute to and benefit from economic growth”. Inclusive growth includes growth of economy that reduces poverty and creates employment opportunities, access to essential services in health and education especially for the poor, equality of opportunity, empowerment through education and skill development, environmental sustainability, recognition of women’s agency and good governance. Towards the goal of achieving inclusive growth the corporate sector need to revisit and say that sustainable strategies that recognize corporates have purpose and making money by doing good things.   In the words of Ratan Tata “purpose is a spiritual and moral call to action; it is what a person or company stands for”.  It is more of investing in socially inclusive businesses, innovative business models to reach the bottom of the pyramid and investing in environmentally beneficial technologies. Thus the conference theme is two sides of the same coin inclusive growth and profits with purpose.

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2014 IMRA-Kean International Conference, New Jersey, USA

Globalization and the Convergence of Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

As globalization rapidly evolves to the next phase of a multi-directional but converging flow of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, the IMRA 2014 annual conference offers a cross-disciplinary forum on how to best integrate management theory and practice across the emerged, emerging and frontier markets. Managing for globalization increasingly involves planning for sustainable growth and market development through social entrepreneurship and innovation, aiming to achieve tangible returns on universal education, quality of life and happiness in addition to traditional financial objectives.


The 2014 International Conference organized by IMRA in collaboration with Kean University, USA is an attempt to bring together practitioners and academics on a single platform to create a sustainable collaborative network of ideas wherein each can learn and share.

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2013 International Conference, Zagreb, Croatia

Management in an interconnected world

For the past two decades, the breathtaking pace of technology advancement has created a new world order in terms of management practice. While the technology surely has provided many more channels to interact between and within institutions and individuals, it has created enormous challenges for the theory and practice of management.

The 2013 International Conference organized by IMRA in conjunction with Rochester Institute of Technology's American College of Management and Technology (RIT/ACMT) in Zagreb, Croatia is an attempt to bring together practitioners and academics on a single platform to create a sustainable collaborative network of ideas wherein each can learn and share.

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2012 Emerging Markets Conference, London, UK

Since centuries, it has been perceived that, the western world is at the forefront of innovative theories and practices in management. Last two decades have evidently demonstrated that now it is no more the hegemony of the developed world in contributing towards management art and science.


The BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and other European countries are now emerging as sunrise economies and are offering new dynamics of management. Be it grassroots level technologies or socio-economic development, the emerging markets are certainly presenting the new world economic order. This conference is an endeavour to disseminate the new dynamics of management from emerging markets.


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